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Reading Lists @ Strathclyde (Staff): List Reset

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FAQs about the Reading List Reset & MyPlace Rollover

When is the 2024 reset?

Reading lists will be reset on Wednesday 7th August 2024. 


What will happen to my existing reading list during the reset?

Three things will happen:
1. All statistical counters will be reset to zero and old comments removed. The statistical categories include:

Number of views
Number of Likes
Student discussion items
Library discussion items
Reading list visibility dates
Section visibility dates
Citation due dates

2. Instructor names will be removed and re-loaded with new information held in the Module Catalogue. For the majority of reading lists this will result in no change to the Instructor information. However, some lists have out of date information and this step will ensure this information is refreshed.

3. The Start and End date of classes will be updated for the 2024-25 session. If the class is not running in the new session, the Start/End date of the reading list will not be updated and the list will expire on 31st Dec 2024.


Do I need to do anything before 7th August?

Ensure you view your reading list statistics before 7th August 2024. Information about statistics can be found here:

Ensure you are listed as a ‘lecturer’ or 'Course Organiser' for your class/es in the Module Catalogue. The reading list software will only pick up these two role types and will add these persons as an Instructor to the reading list. Contact your department administrator if the Module Catalogue is incorrect. Each department will have a person, or multiple people, responsible for maintaining class information. Alternatively, contact the Reading List Service after the 9th August.

For classes starting in Aug/Sept 2024 - Review the contents of your reading list. Add/remove resources and request the purchase of necessary titles that are not in library stock. If no changes are required then you don’t need to do anything else. The same resources (and links) will continue to be in place for the year ahead. 

Library staff use the “suggestion” feature in the reading list software to alert reading list owners where newer editions of books on reading lists have been acquired by the library. Updating your reading list to newer editions before the commencement of the new session is highly recommended.  


I haven’t yet made use of the new reading list software, where should I start?

This LibGuide includes information about the service, training sessions and a step-by-step guide to building a reading list.


The reading list content is unchanged but my class has substantially increased in size, what should I do?

Contact the Reading List team to let us know. We will review your reading list to ensure we have sufficient copies in stock. Please note the Library has an electronic preference policy - we will always try to offer ebooks but may supply print books only if there are no ebooks available.

How can I improve my reading list?

View the Best Practice Guide: Reading List Best Practice 

Why do the reading list statistics for digitised resources not match the statistics provided by the Digitisation Service?

Statistics provided by the Digitisation team will count every view of a digitised resource no matter where the resource link has been posted. Reading list statistics will only count views when students select and view the citation in a reading list. If you have any specific questions about digitised resources please contact the Digitisation team at


What happens to an expired reading list?

If the reading list is published it will be hidden from viewers. It will still be accessible to instructors for 5 years before it is deleted by Library staff. You may also delete a reading list you have created at any time if it is no longer required.


What happens to a reading list when MyPlace is rolled over?

The reading list link is copied to the new 2024/25 profile and the contents of the list are unchanged by the rollover process. It is important to note there is no ‘old’ or ‘new’ version of a reading list. For example, the 2023/24 and the 2024/25 MyPlace profiles will both connect to the same reading list.


How can I preserve a copy of a reading list before making changes for the new academic year?

You can export a reading list in various formats e.g. Word, Excel, PDF, RIS or EndNote. See the help page:

Reviewing your reading list

We strongly urge instructors to:

Update your reading list frequently. If there are new resources to be purchased please let us know 6 weeks before your class starts. This will ensure there is ample time for the Library to purchase the necessary resources. 

Update book editions to the latest available. If there is a pedagogical reason for using an older edition, add a citation note to make this clear to students and library staff e.g. '3rd edition (2000) is the preferred edition'.   

If there are chapters or sections of books which are essential reading, use the 'Request Digitisation' feature. Subject to copyright, we will scan the chapter / section and add it to your reading list.

As your students develop their research skills in your discipline, it may be more appropriate to encourage them to find their own material. Use your Reading List as a starting point for this work by linking to a few recommended journals or databases with guidance on searching, rather than listing all relevant resources directly. 

A reading list should include the titles of ALL books you recommend to students. This will ensure the library knows about it and will have a copy in stock.

Review your student usage statistics annually using the View Lists Analysis button in the reading list software. This will provide full details on student engagement with the reading list. Reading list statistics are reset annually, usually after Resit examinations. If you remove a citation mid-year, any statistics associated with the citation will be lost.

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