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Coming in August 2024: The makers of Leganto reading software are rolling out a new user interface (UI). The new UI will improve the user experience for all users - students, academics and library staff. See the ExLibris news release for more details.

When will Strathclyde switch to the new UI?

Wed 7th August 2024


What changes will I see?

You will notice a change in the look of the reading list but most of the functionality will remain the same. The user interface has been enhanced to simplify common tasks with a clear layout and user-friendly design. Along with the updated design, several new features have been introduced:

  • Improved formatting for public notes (bold, italic, underline and URLs).
  • List analytics can now be exported to Excel. The number of loans has been added to the list analytics.
  • Filter the list by item status (Complete or Library is processing).
  • After the list is published, any further changes will be automatically sent to the library. Previously the 'Send list to Library' button had to be clicked.
  • Favourites (formerly My collection) now includes item availability from the brief view, add to list options from the list menu and bulk actions and the Quick Cite feature.


Before: Library review and publish buttons  (classic Leganto UI)


In the new user interface the 'Send List' and 'Publish' functions have been combined into one button:

After: Publish my list button  (New Leganto UI)

From the 07/08/2024 onwards you will no longer need to send your list for library review every time you make a change. This will happen automatically where a list has been published. A reading list in Draft mode is sent for library review when the list is published. If you are concerned about students seeing citations before the library review is complete, please contact our team.

See the updated handbook for information on other updated features.

Image of classic leganto

Image of classic leganto

Image of instructor view

Image of instructor view

Image of student view

Image of Student view

Older News

Sept 2023: The automatic process of loading instructor names into the reading list database is changing. Previously, only those people listed as 'lecturer' for a class in the Module Catalogue were added to a class reading list. The new process will pick up information for those with the 'Module Organiser' role in addition to 'lecturer' role. This is another step in ensuring instructors can access and edit reading lists for all classes they are associated with.      

May 2023: As part of the Library's ongoing collection management, we have recently started to use the "suggestion" feature in the reading list software in a new way. Library staff will use this feature to alert reading list instructors to new editions acquired by the library. This will ensure that, where appropriate, the newest editions of books are reflected on reading lists.

April 2023: A new feature 'Other Formats & Editions' has been activated in the reading list software. This feature is visible in full citation view for books and ebook and will indicate where there are other formats and editions available. This will aid instructors in selecting the latest editions of resources. This feature is only visible to instructors and collaborators.