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Reading Lists (classic view) @ Strathclyde (Staff): Suggestions

Resource suggestions may be added by students and Library staff. They will appear in the right-hand sidebar of the reading list. When a suggestion is added, a notification will be sent to all instructors and collaborators for the class to alert them to the new activity.

The name of the person suggesting the resource and a suggestion note will be displayed.

Library staff suggestions will typically highlight a new edition of a title and inform you about older editions that are due for removal from Library stock. Instructors are urged to update reading list resources each year before the start of a new session.

Please note all suggestions will be cleared from the reading list on an annual basis. This is part of the annual statistical reset process. The first Suggestion reset will take place on Thursday 31st October 2024. 

Adding a suggestion to your reading list

To add a suggested resource to your reading list, simply drag and drop the citation into the appropriate position in the reading list. You can delete the suggestion afterwards. The citation for the older edition should also be deleted.

Example image of a suggestion in a reading list

Further information about Suggestions

Instructors should note that any usage statistics on the older material will be lost when the older edition is removed from the reading list. You may wish to update lists with the suggested newer editions at the end of the academic session when usage stats reflect a full year / semester of use. 

If an instructor does not wish to add the newest edition of the book to their reading list, the suggestion can be deleted. Please note that in some cases Library staff will be contacting you as the older edition is due to be removed from the collection as part of our collection management processes. If the older edition of a title is essential to your teaching you must contact your Faculty Librarian before the date noted in the message. This will ensure that the required material is not removed from the Library’s collections.