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Reading Lists (classic view) @ Strathclyde (Staff): 3. Create/Delete a Reading List

Work on an existing Reading List

Step 1:

Log in to MyPlace and navigate to the relevant class page. Click the Reading List tool to access the reading list software for the class. 

MyPlace reading list link


Step 2:

If a reading list already exists, this will open immediately.

Please note there are many library reading lists in our database and they may be in an older style format with no list structure, sections headings or notes. Before editing a long reading list you should consider whether it is easier to delete the existing list and then create a new style of list. This is particularly important if you have 100+ resources in a list. 


Step 3:

Library staff will have set you up with the relevant permissions to edit the list.  View Managing a List for information on how to share editing permission with colleagues.


Finding other lists:

From the left hand menu select Find Lists to search for a particular list.

Important: Keep your search open by using 'All' in Course Status and Publication Status 

Find lists button 

Create a New Reading List

Step 1:

Before creating a new list, confirm it hasn't already been created by a colleague - look for the reading list icon on the MyPlace page

MyPlace reading list link



Follow the steps for 'Getting started with reading lists' and add the reading list link to your MyPlace page.


The reading list software works best with MyPlace pages with a single class code.

multi code

If you have a MyPlace page with multiple codes contact the Reading List team for advice on how to proceed.

Step 2:

The reading list title will be autofilled from the name of the MyPlace page. 

Additional information may be added to the Description field


Step 3:

Select a template style for your reading list. You can choose to work with a blank list, a 3 Section template (Essential, Recommended & Further Reading) or a Weekly style template. This weekly style template is useful for Library staff, as we can prioritise orders and digitisation requests for your list more effectively. 



Delete a Reading List

Step 1:

Before deleting the list, consider if the list should be deleted completely or if you only want to remove yourself from the list. See Managing a Reading List for more information.


To delete a reading list, navigate to My Lists and select the reading list to be deleted by selecting the Reading List Options button (...) and clicking Delete at the bottom of the list.


Delete list button