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Reading Lists (classic view) @ Strathclyde (Staff): 2. Manage a Reading List

Manage a reading list

Instructor names are loaded automatically into the reading list system and should be up-to-date.

The Module Catalogue is the main source of instructor names:

Staff who are listed as "Lecturer" and/or "Course Organiser" in the Module Catalogue will be added as an instructor to the reading list. Staff information is maintained via Role and Responsibility Maintenance in Pegasus and is administered at department level. Nominated staff in each department will have the necessary access within Pegasus to update this information.  If you wish to be removed/added as a reading list instructor, you should contact the appropriate colleague(s) within your department. Please contact the Student Lifecycle - Systems and Data Team if you do not know who has access to Role and Responsibility Maintenance for your department.

Remember to contact the Reading List team after your name has been removed from this source and we'll remove it from the reading list.

Auto-add via MyPlace class page:

Your name will be added as reading list instructor if you have permission to edit a class MyPlace page and you view the reading list via the link.

Administrative staff: contact the reading list service for a link to bypass this authentication method.


Adding Collaborators

Step 1:

To invite colleagues to edit or manage your list, go to the Collaborator list on the right hand side of the page and select Manage Collaborators

collaborator box  

Search for a colleague from the list of University staff and click Send Invitation. This will generate an email notification to the person. Contact library staff if you cannot find the name you are looking for.

collaborator box

Step 2:

Now set the privilege level for your colleague. There are two options available:

Editor - (Default) can edit the list, but cannot delete the list or add other collaborators

Manager - can add other collaborators and delete the list. 

To change privilege level, use the drop down menu next to their name.

edit collaborator

Deleting a list?

If you are an instructor or a collaborator on a Reading List and you don't wish to be, you can remove yourself from the reading list rather than deleting the list. *Do not delete the list* unless you are sure. 

Contact the reading list team for help if you are listed as an instructor.

To proceed with deleting a reading list, open the reading list options menu and select Delete.