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Reading Lists (classic view) @ Strathclyde (Staff): Duplicate a reading list or a section

Duplicate an existing list

Step 1:

Navigate to the list you wish to duplicate and select the list Menu.

Step 2:

From the list menu select Duplicate List. This will create a copy of the reading list.

Note the list name and the Draft status of your new list.

Duplicate list

Step 3:

Rename your duplicate list using the Edit button

List Edit button

Step 4:

Associate your duplicate list with a University Class Code

You're all set to populate your new reading list now.

Copy a Section to another Reading List

Step 1:

Navigate to the list with the section you wish to copy. Select the options menu.

Copy section

Step 2:

From the menu select Copy Section. Select the reading list you wish to the copy the section to. Confirm your selection.

NB. You will see your own reading lists in the pull-down list, not those created by others.

Step 3:

Use the main navigation button to go to your target reading list.ain navigation button

Step 4:

Your copied section will appear the bottom of the reading list. Edit the name of your section using the Edit Section button.

Rename section