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Reading Lists (classic view) @ Strathclyde (Staff): 7. Request Digitisation

Digitisation guidelines

The Library can digitise extracts, chapters and articles under the terms of our CLA/HE licence and add these to your reading list. If the Library does not stock the source material then we can often purchase a copyright-cleared digital copy from the British Library. 

We are restricted in how much we can scan eg. we cannot make available scans of entire books on Myplace. For items covered by the CLA licence (most books published in the UK and many books published internationally) we can scan and make available one chapter or 10% whichever is the greater. For books not covered by the licence we can scan much less. Once a request has been placed we will check the extent limits and will contact you if we have any questions. In some cases it can be possible for the university to purchase permission to scan and make available additional pages from a book. In this case there is an annual, per student, per page charge which the Library would need to pass on to the requestors department. If your students require access to more than 10% of a work we will be happy to get a quote for the additional charges before proceeding. Alternatively, our subject librarians may be able to suggest an alternative title, held in Library stock, containing the same or very similar information and from which we can make a scan under the CLA licence.

We will not process digitisation requests for works which are already available from the library in an electronic format (e.g. an ebook or ejournal).

See the help page on Copyright for more information - As a general rule, link to electronic resources and do not upload your own scans to the VLE or your reading list.

If you need assistance, contact

Scans which have already been made by the Digitisation Service


When a reading list  is completed and the status set to 'Published' the Digitisation Service will add previously made scans to the relevant citations in the reading list. 

citation with scans

Example of reading list citations with scans attached.


Where the book/journal article does not appear in the reading list we will add the scanned item to a Reading List Section called 'Scanned Extracts' at the end of the list. You can move the item to the correct section or delete it as required.

citation with a scan



Scans may be added to other locations/documents, eg. VLE, Powerpoint slides, etc. Contact the Digitisation Service to request links or if you have any other enquiry. Please note, links are specific to the class for which the scan has been created. If you wish to use the same reading for two or more classes please contact the Digitisation Service and staff will provide you with individual links for each class.

How to make a new Digitisation request

Step 1:

Select the relevant title in your reading list to open the item record and scroll down to Requests

Step 2: 

Select Digitisation request

digitisation request 1      CLA box

Step 3:

Complete the digitisation request form and add questions to the note field. 

Step 4:

A Digitisation Sent or Digitisation in Progress Tag will now display against the title.

digi tag





Digitisation in progress tag







When the scan is ready, library staff will update the citation with a link to the scan.