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Reading Lists (classic view) @ Strathclyde (Staff): Student Interaction

Student Discussion

The Student Discussion feature in the right-hand sidebar can be switched on/off by the reading list editor. 

student discussion

To switch off, select reading list options and scroll down to Configure List Discussions

list control

Student Views, Comments, Likes & Mark as Read

Information about the statistics being being collected:

statistic icons



  • Student Views (eye icon)

The number of views is generated by students clicking on resources 

  • Student Comments (text bubble icon)

Students can add comments by viewing the full citation and adding a comment in Student Discussion

  • Student likes (heart icon)

Students can "like" resources by viewing the full citation and selecting the like button. like button

  • Mark as Read

Students can mark citations as read by using the tick icon beside the citation title.

mark as read


All of these statistics feature in the reading list reports.

Student Suggestions

Students can add suggested citations for the reading list. 


To add a suggestion the student would go to their My Collection Page, find an item, and under the ellipsis, choose suggest this item, select the appropriate reading list, and click Add Suggestion.