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Reading Lists (classic view) @ Strathclyde (Staff): 9. How to Request a Library Purchase

How to Request a Library Purchase in 3 easy steps

After searching the Library catalogue you have discovered the Library does not stock a title you wish to recommend to your class. In this situation you can request a title be purchased though the reading list software.

Step 1:

Add a citation for the item you would like. Our recommendation is to use the Cite-It button to quickly pick up Bibliographic information from another source such as a bookshop website or publisher website. The Cite-it button will capture Author, Title, Year, ISBN, edition and the source url.

Step 2:

Add relevant Tags - one for importance such as 'Essential' or 'Recommended' and another to request purchase 'Library purchase request'. 

Purchase request tag

Step 3:

Send the list for Library review using the Send List to Library button. Do not miss this vital step. Library staff will not be aware of the request unless the list is sent for review.  




Remember, allow sufficient time for new items to arrive in the library by ordering material well in advance of classes starting.

What happens next

What happens to the request after the list is sent to the Library? 

The Reading list team will review the request and forward it to Acquisitions staff. They will approve or reject purchase requests based on the principles of the Library's Collection Development policy. Purchases will be charged to the relevant departmental book allocation fund. If there are any problems with the request Library staff will contact you.

When the new item arrives in stock, whether it's print or ebook, a notification will be sent to the Reading List team and other 'interested' parties. An interested person will usually include the requester or reading list owner.

When the Reading list team receive the notification a member of staff will edit the reading list. They will remove the citation with the bookshop url and replace it with a properly catalogued citation that displays our ebook/print holdings.

If it's not clear where a new citation should be positioned within a reading list, a member of Library staff will contact you.    

Important note

If you are recommending a title to students that you do not intend to add to your reading list, please ensure the resource is available from the library.

Complete a Book Suggestion form if it's not in stock.