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Reading Lists (classic view) @ Strathclyde (Staff): 6. Add Tags and Notes

Add/Remove Tags

Add a Tag to every item on your list to indicate it's importance to students.


Tags are visible to students and are used by the Library to determine purchasing criteria. The library has an e-preference policy and will purchase a suitable ebook instead of print copies whenever possible. If you do not select a Tag the library will assume the title is further reading.


  • Essential = Must read

Students are expected to read all essential items and the Library will meet demand with electronic and print copies and will move copies to the Short Loan Collection if necessary.

  • Recommended = Should read

Students are encouraged to read recommended materials. The Library will purchase electronic and print copies and will move copies to the Short Loan Collection if necessary.  

  • Further Reading = Could read

Students may choose to read more widely and these titles are a useful starting point for background reading. The Library will supply an ebook or print copy.

To remove a Tag, simply click on the edit tag icon and the X to remove. Save after you made the change.

Tag edit

Add/Remove Notes

Public notes can be viewed by anyone with access to the reading list. 
Private notes can only be viewed by you. 

Use Public Notes to provide additional information to your students e.g.

note example 1

note example 2

To add a note, click the citation to open the citation record and scroll down to Add Note. 

Add note   

       view note


To remove a note, select the citation and the edit icon. 

note delete    Highlight and delete the text and save.