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Reading Lists (classic view) @ Strathclyde (Staff): 4. Add/Delete Sections

Add a Section

After creating a new reading list you will be prompted to create a new section 

section box


Add a section name to your reading list e.g. Introductory reading. You can organise your list by weekly readings or by theme.

section description


The Start and End dates are optional. You can decide to show or hide a section from view by entering Start and End dates in section title box and check the Section visible only during these dates box.

section visibility dates

Edit a Section

To make a change to your section information click the Section option button and select Edit Section

edit section

Move a Section

To re-order your sections you must first collapse them.

Click the > beside the section name or use the Section Toggle button at the top of the list 

section toggle

section collapse


Hover over the right hand edge of the section you wish to move and drag and drop to another location in your list

section drag

Delete a Section

To delete a section, click the Section option button and select Delete Section

section delete