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eBooks at Strathclyde: Wiley E-books

About Wiley Online Library E-books

Wiley Online Library  provides access journal articles and E-books published by Blackwells, Wiley or Blackwells/Wiley. 

There are over 10,000 e-book titles on Wiley Online Library, with the University of Strathclyde having bought access to approximately 150 full-text titles.  In addition we have trial access to all Wiley Ebooks published in 2013-2014, and 2014-2015, currently more than 2000 titles.

Finding E-books on Wiley Online Library

All the E-books available to you through Wiley Online Library can be found using SUPrimo. When you find a Wiley E-book, click the "Electronic resource" link.

Log-in Instructions

On-campus there is no need to login.


  • From the SUPrimo record for a Wiley E-book right click "Electronic resource", and choose to "open in a new tab"
  • Go to the new tab, the record for the E-book will open in the Wiley Online Library platform, you need to login to view the full-text;
  • Select Login/Register at the top right of the page, then choose Institutional Login
  • In the Institution Name box, enter University of Strathclyde and click Login
  • You are now logged in and can access full-text


Viewing and Searching Wiley E-books

Viewing Wiley Ebooks

When you access a Wiley E-book through SUPrimo you will see information about the title including Author, Title, etc; a summary of the book, followed by the content of the book.

Click the title of a chapter to view it or select the PDF option.

Searching within Wiley Online Library for E-books

All Wiley Online Library E-books can be found on SUPrimo, however you can search within Wiley Online Library for e-books.  To do so:

  • From the Wiley Online Library homepage select Publications located at the top left of the page
  • To limit a search to e-books, select the Books option at the right of the page 
  • Search using your search terms. NB: there's no function to limit to content which you have full-text access to
  • Items which are available to you full-text will have an open padlock icon  to the left of the title.  For items without the open padlock icon, you will only be able to view the table of contents.

Using Wiley Online Library E-books with Mobile Devices

Wiley Online Library E-books are provided in PDF format, allowing you to download and read these on mobile devices using your internet browser.  Ensure you have a suitable PDF reader installed on your device, e.g. Adobe Digital Editions, or Bluefire App before you try to download a PDF.

Quick guide to Wiley

You will not be able to download the whole book either on or off campus. You can only download a chapter, in PDF, at a time.

Ebook format - PDF

Problems logging in off-campus to Wiley Ebooks

Problems logging in off-campus.

Sometimes, when accessing Wiley ebooks off-campus, you may not be gain direct access to the ebook, but instead be redirected to the Wiley Online Librray homepage.

If this happens select the SUPrimo tab on your browser and click "Electronic resource" on the ebook title.