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eBooks at Strathclyde: The eBook is on SUPrimo/Reading List but I can't access it?

Can't access eBook

If an eBook is listed on SUPrimo this means the Library has purchased access to this title. However, there are many different eBook platforms and suppliers with different access restrictions. (See eBook platforms and suppliers for more details)

Occasionally an eBook will have an unlimited access model which means anyone can access the title at any time. However, most eBooks have a more restricted access model.

  1. User access model (usually 1/3/10 concurrent users). This type of model restricts the number of students who can access the eBook at the same time. Once the limit is reached, students trying to access will be turned away or added to a queue for access
  2. Credit model (eg, 200 credits). This type of model means multiple students can access at the same time but each access costs a credit (even the same student accessing twice at different times). Once the credits are up, access is lost unless the Library purchases more credits
  3. A user/credit model. A combination of the above access models

(The length of time a user has to read/access a title will depend on the platform settings see eBook platforms and suppliers for more details)

The Library monitors queues, turnaways and credit totals and will look to purchase additional licences/credits if possible where there are large numbers of students trying to access a title. If you are having issues accessing a title, use the Report a problem link on the SUPrimo ebook record or contact