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eBooks at Strathclyde: Why is there no eBook version of my book?

No eBook version of a title

The Library has a policy to purchase eBook versions of titles where possible. However there are a number of reasons why there is not an eBook version of a book available via the Library.

  1. The publisher may not produce an eBook version in a format suitable for Library purchase (e.g. Kindle versions - these can not be used for Library lending purposes -  or eTextbooks which are purchased on a per copy per student basis so not suitable for Library collections)
  2. The eBook version available from the publisher may have access restrictions which make it unsuitable for Library purchase
  3. The cost of the eBook version available from the publisher may be prohibitive 
  4. There may not have been an eBook version when the Library purchased the print copies

If you are not able to find an eBook version of the book you want, contact the Library using the contact details on SUPrimo or email

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