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eBooks at Strathclyde: MyiLibrary

About MyiLibrary

MyiLibrary is an ebook platform, providing access to E-books from a range of publishers, and covering a wide range of subjects.

Finding Ebooks on MyiLibrary

All the Ebooks available to you through MyiLibrary can be found using SUPrimo. When you find a MyiLibrary Ebook, click the "Electronic resource" link. 


You will need to use your DS username and password to login on and off campus.

Can I read all the Ebooks on MyiLibrary?

The University buys access to individual titles on MyiLibrary, and you will only see the content which the University has, so everything you see on MyiLibrary is full-text.  There are over 1500 titles.

All the titles available to you can be found on SUPrimo.

Once you have accessed MyiLibrary you can Search or Browse all the content.  To search or browse:

  • Click the Home option at the top right of the page
  • Enter your search term(s) in the search box  OR
  • Choose from the Browse options on New Titles, Recently Viewed, Most Popular or Browse by subject

Reading online, Printing and Downloading

You can view the entire full-text of a MyiLibrary online, but you cannot print or download the whole of the ebook.  

If you have accessed a title from SUPrimo you will see an image of the cover in the middle of the screen, with the table to contents at the left.  You can select a chapter by clicking the chapter title.

Alternatively use the navigation buttons at the top of the book page to move forward , move back , or go to a specific page .

You can Print or Download between 5-10% of an ebook on MyiLibrary, the amount varies from book to book, and is determined by the publisher.

To print use the Print icon at the top right of the page 

The print box will open telling you what your print allowance is, and how much you have remaining.


Select either to print a single page or a range.

To download use the Download icon  at the top right of the page

The download box will open telling you what your download allowance is, and how much you have remaining.

Select either to download a single page or range; files will download in a PDF format.

Downloading to your device

All the files created in MyiLibrary are PDF files, so as long as you have a PDF reader, you  will be able to view and download chapters from MyiLibrary Books onto your own devices.

Quick guide to MyiLibrary.

Can't access a MyiLibrary title?

Only one person at a time can view ebooks published by Pearson.

Some titles will permit a limited number of users to access the ebook concurrently.  

When this happens you'll get an error message:

"This book is currently being viewed by another patron and will be available when they have finished.  Please check back again soon.

 To access the ebook when available, you must leave this page and re-open the book.  At this time, refreshing the page will not open the title."

If you find this happens often, with particular titles, please email with the details.


Examples of MyiLibrary Ebooks

When you click the book image or title you will be taken to the record on SUPrimo, from here you can open the link to the ebook.

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