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eBooks at Strathclyde: University Press Scholarship Online

About University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO)

University Press Scholarship Online provides access to over 15000 titles from a range of University Presses.  


You have access to over 15000 titles, all of which are available to print, copy, download or read online.  There is unlimited concurrent user access, which allows a whole class to use the same ebook at the same time.  

The content can be found in 28 subject areas

Accessing ebooks on UPSO

Finding Ebooks on UPSO

All the available UPSO ebooks  can be accessed on the University Press Scholarship Online platform, and can be found using SUPrimo. When you find a UPSO Ebook in SUPrimo, click the "Electronic resource" link.


You will need to login to use UPSO off-campus:

  • From the University Press Scholarship Online homepage scroll down the page to the Subscriber Login area on the left
  • Select Login with Access Management Federation
  • Search for University of Strathclyde in the Search box
  • From the University of Strathclyde page, enter your username and password

You will not need to login if you are on-campus.

Can I read all the Ebooks on UPSO?

No, some titles are not included in the subscription, they can be identified by the closed padlock icon 

All the titles available to you can be found on SUPrimo.

Read Online, Print and Download options

Reading Online, Printing and Downloading

You can choose to read the whole of the text online, or you can choose to Print or Download a PDF of  a specific chapters or pages.

To read online, click the title of the book to open it, and scroll down to the content area.  Select the section you want to start with from the table of contents, and you can scroll through the text.  Note that page numbers are given in bold in brackets throughout the text e.g. (p.45), these correspond to the same page number in the print version of the book.

To Print or Download a chapter, select the chapter from the Table of Contents, and choose the View PDF option which displays on the right of the page.  This will create a PDF of the chapter selected.  

UPSO Video Introduction

Quick guide to University Press


Ebook format - PDF

Examples of University Press Scholarship Online ebooks

When you click the book image or title you will be taken to the record on SUPrimo, from here you can open the link to the ebook.