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Lexis+ UK Legal Research: How to use Lexis+ UK: Lexis+ UK Tips

How to access the Lexis Library database service and use it to find: case law, legislation, journal articles and more. This also includes information about how to access international materials on Lexis Library.


Lexis+ UK Legal Research

Lexis+ UK Legal Research will replace Lexis Library in the autumn of 2022. Content and functionality will remain similar.

Information on this guide will be updated as soon as possible.

For more information on using the new Lexis+ platform look at the following guides:

You can view a demonstration of Lexis+ UK Legal Research:

Log into Lexis

Lexis+ Terms and Connectors

Connectors include:

  • and – finds records that contain all terms, e.g. terrorism and human rights.
  • or – finds records that contain either term, e.g. lawyer or solicitor.
  • and not – excludes a term from the search, e.g. constitution and not european.
  • /p – finds terms occurring in the same paragraph e.g. torture /p iraq.
  • /s – finds terms occurring in the same sentence e.g. animals /s cruelty.
  • /n – finds terms occurring within a given number of words of each other e.g. snail /5 bottle will find these terms occurring within 5 words of each other.
  • "..." (quotation marks) – finds an exact phrase, e.g. "wrongful dismissal".
  • ! (truncation symbol) –  use the exclamation mark to find variations on a common root e.g. advert! finds advert, advertises, advertised, etc.
  • * (wildcard symbol) – use the asterisk to replace characters anywhere in a word, except the first character, e.g. wom*n finds woman and women.

For help using connectors follow the ‘Tips’ link from any search screen.

Priniting, emailing and downloading on Lexis+

Single Document

At the top right of a full-text document select the print, email or download icons. In the new window, select your preferred options and select ‘Print’, ‘Send’ or ‘Download’.

  • Printing: data is gathered and a print dialogue box opens. Check your settings and select ‘Print’.
  • Emailing: formatting takes place and the email is sent.
  • Downloading: data is gathered; then follow the instructions to either open or save the document.
Multiple Documents

You may select more than one document by selecting boxes beside each document:

  • from a list of search results;
  • on a ‘Browse’ screen; or
  • in the browse frame to the left of a full-text document.

Select the print, email or download icons . In the new window ensure you choose your preferred ‘Document Range’ before selecting  ‘Print’, ‘Send’ or ‘Download’.

Help in Lexis+

Help guides and tutorials are available via ‘Help’  at the top right of the screen.

Select ‘Help’ at any stage of your search to access these.

Logging out from Lexis+

Select ‘Sign-Out’ from the drop-down options (three dots) at the top right of the screen.

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