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Lexis+ UK Legal Research: How to use Lexis+ UK: Lexis+ UK: non-UK jurisdictions

How to access the Lexis Library database service and use it to find: case law, legislation, journal articles and more. This also includes information about how to access international materials on Lexis Library.


Lexis+ UK Legal Research

For more information on using the new Lexis+ platform look at the following guides:

You can view a demonstration of Lexis+ UK Legal Research:

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Non-UK sources on Lexis+

Non-UK sources on Lexis+

Lexis+ provides access to many non-UK materials under the ‘International’ tab. The majority of these are from the United States but material is available from other jurisdictions. Content includes:

  • United States: Federal and State legislation and case law, journals/law reviews, and other secondary materials.
  • Canada: Federal and Provincial legislation and case law, journals/law reviews, and other secondary materials.
  • Australia: Federal and State/Territory case law, journals, and other secondary materials.
  • New Zealand: Case law and commentary including ‘The Laws of New Zealand’ encyclopaedia (NZ equivalent of ‘Stair Memorial Encyclopaedia’).
  • South Africa: Includes ‘Butterworths Statutes of South Africa’ and ‘Butterworths South African Constitutional Law Reports’.

International Law

Content includes case law from the International Court of Justice, material from organisations including WTO / GATT, and some treaties.

Access to non-UK sources on Lexis®Library

Material from non-UK jurisdictions can be found under the ‘International’ tab. 

Select the 'International' tab. Then you can browse to a jurisdiction (e.g. Canada) and search or browse across the available content.

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