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SUPrimo: Introduction

New SUPrimo interface

SUPrimo quick search.

Use SUPrimo to search the Library's online and print collections:

What is SUPrimo?

SUPrimo is the Library's search tool.  Like Google, it has a simple search interface, just put in some search terms to find the material you need.  SUPrimo is a great starting point for your research. For more detailed searching, with more functionality, please use the individual databases in the A-Z list.  If you're not sure which is the best database to search for your subject please have a look at the subject LibGuides.

What does SUPrimo search?

Use the drop down menu  to choose which area of the Library to search and enter your search terms:

  • Search the full Library
    a general search across everything we have access to.
  • Library collections:
    includes books (electronic and print), journal titles (electronic and print), theses, media resources, University of Strathclyde Archives.
  • Articles and papers:
    a selection of electronic articles, conference proceedings and papers.
  • Exam papers:
    Exam papers from previous years here at University of Strathclyde.
  • Strathclyde research:
    digital repository of research publications from the University of Strathclyde, also digitised theses.

What SUPrimo doesn't search

Some Databases that SUPrimo doesn't search:

Some Business Information Databases such as IBISWorld, OSIRIS and FAME. Please see separate Business LibGuides.

Some Legal Information Databases, such as Westlaw. Please see separate Legal Information LibGuides.

Some specialist searching such as statistical information, structure and chemical properties searching. Please see separate Statistics and Chemistry LibGuides.

Sign In - SUPrimo

Please sign in to your Library account with your Strathclyde email and password to get complete results and to request items.

Clearing your search - SUPrimo

You can clear your search by clicking the cross or the University of Strathclyde logo or by highlighting and deleting the current contents of the search bar.