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SUPrimo: Search Tips

New SUPrimo interface

Search Tips - SUPrimo

List of Search Tips in SUPrimo

You must use uppercase letters for AND, OR, NOT when using them to combine keywords in SUPrimo.  If you don't use any of these then SUPrimo will assume AND as a default.

Use the Advanced Search to search in a particular field, e.g. title.

Find Exam papers - SUPrimo

Use the exam papers search. Enter the course code or subject.

SUPrimo exam papers search

Find journal articles - SUPrimo

You can use the Articles and papers search if you're looking for journal articles.

SUPrimo Articles and papers

You can also "Search the full Library" and then refine to Articles.

Refine to Peer-reviewed journals to show articles that have come from journals where there is a peer review process.

Refine to Peer-reviewed Journals