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SUPrimo: My Library Card

New SUPrimo interface

My Library Card -SUPrimo

My Library Card enables you to:     

  • View the books you have on loan, including historic loans.
  • Place a request
  • View any fines that you have

It is located just below your name if you have signed in or under Menu (click on Menu)  if you haven't signed in.

Place a Request - SUPrimo

You can request a book if all the copies are out on loan.  You will get an email when the item is available. The item can be collected from the Reservations Pick-up Point in the Short Loan Collection. You need to be signed in to place a  request.

Place a request


You can also cancel a request if you no longer need it.

Cancel a request

Renew Loans - SUPrimo

Automatic renewals

We automatically renew your Standard loans for a maximum of 24 weeks and 1 Week loans for a maximum of 6 weeks, unless they are requested by another user. That means you don't need to bring your books in to the Library to renew them, or remember to renew them online. Remember to check your Strathclyde email as you could be asked to bring back the book sooner if someone else requests it. 

See the Library website for more information:

Queries - SUPrimo

You can save a search in SUPrimo and receive alerts when new material meeting your interests is added. Use the SUPrimo Save query button.

Use the  Alert icon icon to set up an alert for any of your saved searches . You need to be signed into SUPrimo to set up alerts. 

SUPrimp Saved Searches