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New Students: Find Articles

A guide to using the Library for new students

Why use journals?

  • Articles are often more up to date than books
  • Find out about recent research in your topic
  • Search for peer-reviewed academic content. This means that the articles have been assessed to be of quality.

Search for a specific article or topic

If you are searching for a specific  journal article and you know the title or part of the title go to SUPrimo, start typing and select the  Articles and papers search.. You can also use this search to get started with finding information on a topic. Enter your keywords, e.g. viral marketing, and you'll search multiple eresources many of which are full-text.

Journal search

If you are searching for a specific journal go to SUPrimo and enter the journal title, or part of the title, into the search box. Choose Library Collections from the drop-down menu next to the search box. 


Use Library databases to search across a wide range of journals for articles on specific topics.


No online access to the article?

If you cannot access an article online, it may be available in print in the Library. Use SUPrimo to check availability.

If we don't have a subscription to the journal and you can't access an article you need, then we can try to get it for you using our Inter Library ServiceThe ILS is available to academic and academic-related staff, research staff and to postgraduate and final-year Honours students. All you need to do is submit a request using  our online Inter-Library Request form.