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EndNote Online (Web): Managing References

Help with using EndNote Online

Attaching files to your references

EndNote online allows you to add PDFs, images or other files to your references provided you have a copy saved in your H drive/pendrive/desktop - this allows you to add figures, illustrations or even the full text. Remember that you can use the  Find it @ Strathclyde button from your reference details to check for full text rather than attaching the file.

Open your reference and choose to Attach files or Attach figure. You can add up to five files and one figure to each reference.

You can manage your attachments by choosing Organize > Manage Attachments.This will also show you how much file space you have available.

Manage Attachments



If you're importing references from several different catalogues or databases, you may end up with duplicate references in your library. EndNote offers an easy way to find, compare and remove duplicate references.

Organize > Find Duplicates

Find Duplicates

 EndNote online will allow you compare records and select the one with the best information. You can then delete the other refeerences

Inserting special characters into references

To insert a special character into EndNote online (web) you can copy and paste the character from a Word document or use the Character Map tool.

  • Open the Character Map tool by clicking on Start > Windows Accessories > Character Map
  • Select the Symbol font if necessary (other fonts will revert to the default display font in EndNote)
  • Select the character required and click on Copy
  • Go to EndNote online and paste (Ctrl and V) the character into your open reference
  • Close the reference (saving the changes if prompted)

Searching your references

Type your search term in the quick search box. Select a group to search or use the default option of All My References.

Quick search

If the quick search is hidden, use the Show panel on the left hand side of the screen to reveal the side panel.


We recommend that you have one EndNote library for all your references and use the Groups (folders) feature to organise your references as need. This feature allows you to create mini libraries within your master library. Records from databases will go into the [Unfiled] group and you can then move them.

You can add a new reference and click on the group arrow next to Groups at the foot of the page.

Add new reference to a group

Choose new group and give the group a name.

new group


You can add existing references to a group by checking the box next to a single reference or checking the All or Page box to add multiple references.

Add to group

To delete, rename and share groups of references, choose Organize > Manage My Groups

Manage My Groups


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