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Education and Social Services

Key Databases - Education & Social Services

The Social Science Premium Collection is comprised of collections and individual databases. You can search the complete collection or the individual collections or databases. The collections and databases include:


Additional databases - Education and Social Services

Browsing Social Work Journals

You can use BrowZine to find journals in your subject area.  Please note that BrowZine does not list all of Strathclyde's journals, but it is a useful way to identify key journals within a subject field.

Research Skills Resources

Useful shelf numbers

Library books are arranged by the Dewey Decimal classification scheme where each subject is represented by a number.

You will find books on the same subject will have the same number. The shelfmark is preceded by the letter  D  and will be followed by 3 letters, which are usually the first 3 letters of the author's name. 

e.g.    D 361.32 KOP

Here are some useful Social Work and Social Policy shelf numbers:

  • D 300          Social sciences (General)
  • D 361.3       Social work
  • D 361.61    Social policy
  • D 362          Social welfare problems & services
  • D 364          Criminology
  • D 909          Human geography

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