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Law: Law Commissions' Reports & Consultation Papers

Guide to finding and using information supporting learning and research in Law.

Law Commissions' Reports

Scottish Law Commission Reports may now be published as SG Papers (formerly SE Papers) or House of Commons Papers, prior to the creation of the Scottish Parliament in 1999 they may have been published as Command Papers.

Many reports of the Law Commission of England and Wales are published as Command Papers or House of Commons Papers.


The Law Commissions’ Reports are available in collections of Command Papers, HC Papers and SG papers on UK Parliamentary Papers, Public Information Online, and in the Library. In addition, they are also available from the following Law Commission websites.


In addition to a ‘Cm’ or ‘SG Paper’ number reports are assigned a ‘Law Com’ or ‘Scot Law Com’ report number. They may be cited by this number:

Scottish Law Commission, Report on Succession (Scot Law Com No 215, 2009)             [SG/2009/45]

Law Commission, Intoxication and Criminal Liability (Law Com No 314, 2009)                  [Cm 7526, 2009]

Finding a report

Public Information Online and UK Parliamentary Papers both allow you to search for papers by title or by paper number.

The Commissions’ websites list all reports with Law Com / Scot Law Com with links to reports available online. (The England and Wales Commission site also gives HC / Command paper numbers).


Discussion / Consultation Papers


The Commissions’ websites list discussion/consultation papers with links to those available online.

The Library holds collections of Law Commission Consultation Papers and Scottish Law Commission Discussion Papers in the serials section on level 1 (arranged by paper number).


Discussion / consultation papers may be cited as:

Scottish Law Commission, Discussion Paper on Succession (Scot Law Com DP No 136, 2007)

Law Commission, Consultation Paper on Intoxication and Criminal Liability (Law Com CP No 127, 1993)

The Law Commissions' websites

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