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Databases for researching bilingualism, the Gaelic language and Gaelic literature


Useful shelf numbers - Gaelic Medium Education


Library books are arranged by the Dewey Decimal classification scheme whereby each subject is represented by a number. You will find books on the same subject will have the same number. The shelfmark is preceded by the letter  D  and will be followed by 3 letters, which are usually the first 3 letters of the author's name. 

Useful Gaelic and education related subjects shelfmarks:


D 306.449    Language policy

D 370           General education

D 371.9        Special education

D 372           Primary education

D 373           Secondary education

D 378           Higher education

D 404.2        Bilingualism

D 491.63      Gaelic Language

D 825           Gaelic Literature

J 808.36       Children's books in Gaelic


Gaelic language materials in the Andersonian Library


The Andersonian Library has a variety of Gaelic language materials in its collections. These include the following types of resources:

  • Reports from organisations including the Gaelic Broadcasting Committee
  • Official publications including the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005
  • Journals, including Gairm the major Gaelic journal (see more about journals below)
  • Gaelic literature poetry and drama, located at D 824.8, D 825
  • Books about Gaelic identity at D 306.48309411
  • Gaelic language resources, including dictionaries and materials suitable for language learners at D 491.63
  • Books about Gaelic Medium Education D 491.6307
  • Gaelic musical materials D 782.421622
  • Books about Scottish history with specialisms in Gaelic D 941.15
  • Children's book in Gaelic J 808.36

If you are part time or distance learning student and would like to borrow books from the Library, please use our postal loans service. 

Gaelic language journals in the Andersonian Library


The Library has copies of the Gaelic journal Gairm from 1955 to 2002. You can use the Am Baile website or the Gaelic Resource Database to search the contents of this journal. Once you have identified an article in Gairm which you wish to read you can either: come into the Library and consult the journal on Level 1, or if you are based off campus, use our photocopying service to request a photocopy of the article.

The following Gaelic journals are also available:


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