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Biomedical Engineering resources: Home

This guide will help you find and use Library resources for your assignments, dissertations, theses and other research. Please contact me if you would like further help or information.

Key databases: Biomedical Engineering

Literature review

Searching for literature and understanding how that interlinks with writing up your findings and influencing new ideas for your research is a vital skill. The graphic below may help you to understand these processes and how they are inter-linked.

Useful templates

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Alasdair Stewart

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Useful shelf numbers

Library books are arranged by the Dewey Decimal classification scheme whereby each subject is represented by a number.

You wil find books on the same subject will have the same number. The shelfmark is preceded by the letter  D  and will be followed by 3 letters, which are usually the first 3 letters of the author's name. 

Here are some useful shelfmarks.

D 610.28 Biomedical engineering

D 612 Human physiology

D 617.307 Orthotics

D 617.58 Prosthetics

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