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Open Access: Finding and Accessing Open Access Resources: Open Access Books

A guide on how to find and access Open Access resources.

What are Open Access Books?

Open Access books are free-of-charge eBooks that are free of most copyright and licensing restrictions. Not all eBooks are Open Access. Please refer to the eBooks LibGuide for further information on finding and accessing all types of eBooks. Open Access books cans include monographs and multi-authored edited books.

How Can I Find Open Access Monographs?

Smaller Open Access Publishers and List of Open Access Book Publishers

You can also find and access Open Access books by visiting the websites of small Open Access publishers. Some suggestions of where to look include:

Search for Open Access books via SUPrimo Library Search

You can search for Open Access books via SUPrimo library search. You can use the filters located on the menu on the left-hand-side of side of the page to filter your search results to show Open Access books. Under the heading ‘Availability’ select ‘Open Access’ and under the heading ‘Resource Type’ select ‘Books’ or ‘Book chapters’ (Step 1). Your rersults will then be retrieved (Step 2). You can use the filters on the left-hand-side of the results page to further refine your results. For example, you can select which collection to use.

Step 1: Apply Filters

SUPrimo filters


Step 2: Retrieve Results

SUPrimo Results

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