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Open Access: Finding and Accessing Open Access Resources: Open Access Journals and Articles

A guide on how to find and access Open Access resources.


There are a variety of different resources you can use to find Open Access journals and articles. Some journals are completely Open Access, while other journals include a mix of Open Access and ‘closed’ access, subscription-only content (these are known as ‘hybrid’ journals). Listed below are some useful resources you can use to find fully Open Access journals and articles.

Open Access Tools: Browser Plug-ins

Find Open Access Articles via Library Search

You can search for Open Access material via the University of Strathclyde library search (SUPrimo). You can use the filters located on the menu on the left-hand-side of side of the page to filter your search results to show Open Access articles. Under the heading ‘Availability’ select ‘Open Access’ and under the heading ‘Resource Type’ select ‘Articles’ (Step 1). Your results will then be displayed (Step 2). You can further refine your results using the filters on the left-hand-side of the results page. For example, you can refine by 'Availability' to show only those articles published in peer-reviewed journals.

Step 1: Apply Filters


Step 2: Retrieve Results

SUPrimo Results

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