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Wellbeing Collection: Author websites, TED talks and videos.

A guide to therapeutic books and resources we have in the library.

Tedx Talks

Some authors have TED talks which work well as an easy introduction to their book. We have only listed those for which we stock the book. Many students find inspiring talks which help with learning, motivation and thinking and other great TED titles can be easily found by browsing their playlists.

Zindel Segal - The Mindful way through depression

Your Brain on Porn - Gary Wilson

The Mindful way through anxiety

Steve Peters

Emily Nagoski - Unlocking the Door to Your Authentic Sexual Wellbeing

The Happiness hypothesis - Jonathan Haidt


Jonathan Haidt's website - The Happiness Hypothesis

Kirsten Neff - website & TED talk


Kirstin Neff's, Self-compassion, has lots of excellent resources.

Tara Brach

Tara Brach's website - Guided Meditations

Carol Dweck



Carol Dweck - On Perfectionism

Babette Rothschild - Introduction to 8 keys to safe trauma recovery

Christopher Germer - Mindful self-compassion


   Christopher Germer's Mindful self-compassion website

Susan Cain - website & TED talk

Susan Cain's website Quiet Revolution

Kelly McGonigle - Talks @ Google

Brene Brown - website & TED talk

Dr Meg Barker - Rewriting the Rules

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