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Foreign and International Legal Information: How to find legal material from non-UK jurisdictions

How to find legal material from non-UK jurisdictions

Foreign and International Legal Information

Countries other than the UK have their own legal systems and sources of law. From a UK perspective this law from other jurisdictions is often referred to as 'foreign law'.

Law created at a supra-national level derived from treaties, case law and custom between countries as well as law developed by international organisations, such as the United Nations, is referred to as 'international law'.

In addition to the primary sources of foreign and international law there is secondary legal information (books, journals etc.) associated with these non-UK jurisdictions.

Update to video 'Finding non UK legal materials'

Since recording of this video non-UK content has become available on Practical Law.

To access non-UK material from the top of the Practical Law home page select 'Global Home': Screenshot of Practical Law home page with link to 'Global Home' underlined.

You can then select a jurisdiction or practice area to view associated content:Global Home contents page.

Key online sources of foreign and international legal information

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