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News Sources: TV & Radio News

A guide to finding current and historical news items.

TV news

We don’t subscribe to any online TV and Radio news archives, however it is possible to still find and view or listen to multimedia output. News website such as STV News, BBC News, Aljazeera, Channel 4 News, ITV News and Sky News have search boxes which allow you to find older stories which have been archived online. News media agencies Associated Press and Reuters also contain web-based archives of their stories which can be searched.

For historic newsreel footage you can search the BFI Player has a Free collection of content which can be searched for archive newsreel and current affairs content, and the Moving Image Archive (part of National Library of Scotland) also holds newsreels some of which can be searched via their online catalogue. You can book time to view items from the Moving Image Archive from the National Library of Scotland collection at the Kelvin Hall site in the west of Glasgow.

The TRILT service from the BFI is a searchable database of TV listings, so if you would like to view a specific programme it is possible to check when it was first broadcast which may help you track it down. If it was broadcast in the last few years it may be possible for a lecturer or tutor to add it to EStream for you to view using the EStream Connect feature. The Systems Architecture Team can provide help and advice in using this system, however you should note that it is only available to teaching staff and not directly to students. You should discuss your needs with a lecturer, tutor or dissertation supervisor.

The British Library also has a special moving image collection, which contains news videos. You would have to visit their reading rooms in London to view any recordings, but full details of the collection are online.

Radio news

Finding radio news content can be more difficult. BBC Sounds allows access to BBC radio output for a period of 30 days, and does include daily news bulletins, as well as regional and international news reports and features. Sky News provides the daily news bulletins to most commercial radio stations in the UK, but they do not provide an online archive.

The archives of many Independent Local Radio stations can be found collated online thanks to Bournemouth University’s Centre for Broadcasting History. And the British Library has a vast collection of radio broadcasts.

It may be possible to contact radio stations directly to request a copy of the news bulletins broadcast on a specific date and time, but they may charge to supply audio as well as also billing for research time if you are not sure of the date and time the item you want was broadcast.