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Reading Lists @ Strathclyde (Students): FAQs

Frequently asked questions about reading lists

The Library's LibGuides would be a good place to look. These guides list recommended databases to help you find materials such as journal articles or conference papers beyond those on your reading list. Link to LibGuides

Yes, try a search on SUPrimo using keywords such as reading skills, or more general terms such as study skills.

Yes. You can mark the items which you had read on a reading list by clicking on the tick icon on each item which you have read. You can then filter the list using the filter icon to see either a list of the items which you have marked as read, or those which you have not marked as read.

Yes. Click on the three dot icon under the course information section. Then select export > EndNote. This will create an RIS file which can be imported into EndNote Desktop or EndNote online. It will be necessary to check all data for accuracy and in some cases editing of data in EndNote will be required.

If you feel that there are not enough copies of a book on a reading list please let the Library know. You can contact the Reading List team.

If you would like to buy items which are on your class reading lists we have a helpful guide available with hints, tips and places to shop.