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HeinOnline: How to use the HeinOnline database service: HeinOnline Search tips

How to access the LHeinOnline database service and use it to find legal information


Search syntax (Boolean operators etc.)

HeinOnline offers a range of connectors and other syntax symbols which can be used in searches, including:

  • AND – looks for records that contain all terms, e.g. adoption AND children
  • OR – finds records that contain either term, use this to list alternatives, e.g. lawyer OR solicitor
  • NOT  – excludes a term from the search, e.g. accident NOT damage
  • “ ” – use quotation marks round terms to look for them as a phrase e.g. “loss of earnings”
  • ~n –  finds terms occurring within a given number of words of each other e.g. “snail bottle”~5 will find these terms occurring within 5 words of each other.
  • ? (single-character wildcard symbol) - use the question mark to look for terms that match with a single character replaced, e.g. wr?te  finds write and wrote.
  • * (multiple-character wildcard symbol) – use the asterisk to truncate a term, e.g. advert* finds advert, adverts, advertisement etc.; or to look for terms that match with a multiple characters replaced, e.g. bl*d finds blood, bleed, and bled.

Boolean operators must all be entered in CAPITALS.

Further information on using search syntax options can be found by selecting ‘Search Help’ link below the search box.

Alternatively, follow the ‘Help’ link at the top of the screen then ‘Advanced Search Syntax Guide’.

Downloading, printing and emailing

After you have retrieved the full text of a document you can download, print or email it.

Downloading / Printing

Select the ‘PDF’ icon above the full text document.

A dialogue window opens. Choose to either open or save the file

Alternatively, choose the ‘Print/Download options’ icon.

In the new window you can choose to;

  • Print Current section (e.g. the journal article you retrieved); or
  • Print Custom page range – where you select the pages you wish to print form the drop-down options.

To email a document: select the 'Email' icon, in the dialogue box complete the details and select the 'Email' button.

Select file format, then select the ‘Print/Download’ button.                                                                                                 

Once you have downloaded the document you can print or save it as you would any other file.


You can get help with using HeinOnline at any time by selecting ‘Help’ at the top of the screen.

You can get information about any source or collection by selecting the information icon next to the title.

Logging out

Select ‘Account’ at the top of the screen and then ‘Log Out’ to end your HeinOnline session.

Log into HeinOnline

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