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Generative Artificial Intelligence and Copyright : Introduction

A guide for University staff and students on the copyright implications of Using Generative AI tools.


This guide on Generative AI and Copyright for staff and students will help you understand:

  • What Generative AI is. 
  • Why copyright is relevant to developing and using Gen-AI tools.  
  • Copyright implications of using third-party owned materials to train Gen-AI tools and recognise copyright exceptions which may apply.
  • Understand whether copyright exists in the output of Gen-AI tools and who owns the copyright. 
  • Terms and conditions of using Gen-AI including ownership of output and reuse of user input (prompts).
  • Implications of using AI tools for coursework and assessment and how to avoid plagiarism.  
  • The University’s policy on plagiarism /academic integrity in relation to use of AI tools.  
  • How to reference use of AI tools 
  • Be aware of bias in AI tools and issues such as lack of citation/false citations   
  • Know where to go for help and guidance.