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Generative Artificial Intelligence and Copyright : Using third-party owned material as input data (prompts)

A guide for University staff and students on the copyright implications of Using Generative AI tools.

Can I use University library resources as input data when using Gen-AI tools?

Providing copies of third-party owned materials such as text, images, sound, or video when prompting Gen-AI is likely to be a breach of copyright and may breach licences which apply to University e-resources which are usually provided for use by students for their own non-commercial research and private study and prohibit providing access to third parties. Some publishers, such as Elsevier, expressly restrict the use of Gen-AI tools:  

‘You may not use Content from the Services in combination with an artificial intelligence tool, (including to train an algorithm, test, process, analyse, generate output and/or develop any form of artificial intelligence tool).’