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Translation Studies: Finding Journals

Finding journals in the Library

If you know exactly which journal(s) you are looking for search SUPrimo using the Library Collections tab. Enter the name of the journal, e.g. Journal of Sport Management, Health Education Journal etc. into SUPrimo. If the journal is available in electronic format SUPrimo will display a link labelled Electronic Resource. Click this link to go to a page which lists the Library's subscription information. There may be more than one link. Check the subscription covers the dates which you are interested in. Read the information closely and select the  correct link. 

If the journal is available as a printed journal look closely at the record in SUPrimo. If the Library has the year you are interested in note the classmark of the journal, e.g. 372 Serials and go to Level One of the Library. Printed journals are located on Level One and can be consulted in the Library. 

If the Library does not have the journal which you are looking for  or the date(s) which you require please read more about our inter-library service. 

If you do not know which journals you are interested in you can use the Library's Browzine service to identify journals in particular fields. BrowZine will help you to find journals in your area of interest. The link on the right hand side of this page will help you to find journals for your particular subject. Please note that BrowZine does not list all of Strathclyde's journals, but it is a useful way to identify journals within a field.  

Finding Translation Studies journals