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Standards and Patents: Standards

A guide to finding standards and patents at Strathclyde University Library

What is a standard?

A standard, sometimes called a technical standard, is a document designed to detail the requirements of processes, methods, or technical criteria in relation to a specific item or procedure. For example it may outline the safety specifics required when designing a vehicle, or the welding methods suitable for steel used in construction.

Standards are created by a variety of bodies, often in a collaborative fashion, and enable the best practice to be established and followed.

Standards collections

Accessing other standards

ASME standards are included with membership of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). If you are a member try the IMechE library for access.

If you need to access a standard which is not part of our electronic collections, you can request them via the Inter-Library Service. Please ensure you have checked that there is not an appropriate alternative standard available via British Standards Online, and also that you have all the relevant information including title, standard number, publisher and year issued before placing the request.

Additionally, the National Library of Scotland in Edinburgh holds a complete printed set of current British Standards, as well as many superseded and withdrawn historical standards.

More about Eurocodes

Eurocodes are a suite of European structural standards adopted by national standards bodies to provide common methods and design criteria for building and construction works. They are grouped in 10 areas from 0 to 9 and cover structural design and action on structures, design of concrete, steel, composite, timber, and masonry structures, geotechnical design, design of structures for earthquake resistance, and design of aluminium structures. Full text Eurocodes can be accessed online via BSOL (British Standards Online).

To find Eurocodes in BSOL either search for the relevant BS EN number if you know it or use the keyword search box to find all Eurocode material by entering the term Eurocode. To conduct a more precise search enter Eurocode plus the number of the code you require e.g. "Eurocode 4".

Additional documentation about Eurocodes from a variety of professional organisations can be found in the Construction Information Service. Many professional bodies such as the ICE, BSI (British Standards Institution), and the Institution of Structural Engineers have information about Eurocode implementation on their web sites. The Library also stocks a selection of publications about Eurocodes and further details can be found by searching for Eurocode* in SUPrimo. Library holdings include the BSI Structural Eurocodes Companion which is shelved at D 624.1771 BSI.

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