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Why should we visit and how do we arrange a visit?

A visit to the Andersonian Library at the University of Strathclyde can help 5th and 6th year pupils:

  • gather academic resources for projects, including Advanced Highers;
  • gain experience in using an academic library and academic resources;
  • to experience life on campus.

Following their visit, the pupils will be offered reference access to the Library for the rest of the academic year, allowing them access to our extensive print collection and attractive study environment.

Please email to arrange a visit or to ask any questions. Please include your preferred date of visit, detail how many pupils would like to visit and which subject areas you are interested in.

What will the visit involve?

Library staff will liaise with school staff to plan a visit to suit your requirements. 
Pupils should be accompanied by a teacher or librarian on the initial visit. You will be allocated a room within the Library, for the duration of your visit and you will be welcome to come and go from the Library, during your visit. Our friendly and experienced staff will provide a brief introduction to Library services, including but not limited to: a Library tour; guidance on referencing; further advice on identifying resources. You will then be able to explore our printed Library collections.
Visitors can log onto our Guest WiFi service with their own mobile device or laptop.
Photocopying facilities are also available, under the guidance of Library staff. 

When can school groups visit?

We can accommodate visits on Thursdays and Fridays. Unfortunately during our busiest times of the year (September, November, December, April and May) we cannot normally offer visits. Please get in touch to discuss requirements with Library staff.

Where is the Library?

The Library is located on Cathedral Street, Glasgow G4 0NS

What can you access during the visit?

During your visit, pupils will be able to access all of our printed resources, our Guest WiFi network, as well as photocopying facilities.

Visitors do not have access to our subscribed electronic resources, due to licencing restrictions, however staff can help pupils identify freely available academic resources.. 

What can you access after the visit?

Pupils who have participated in an organised Library visit will be able to return to the Library during the academic year to use the facilities. Any pupil who wishes to apply for reference access to the library can do so at the time of the visit, or afterwards, with the recommendation of the teacher accompanying them. Access to the Library is available after 16:00 on weekdays and all weekend.

Staff will also send on a follow up email to ensure pupils are confident in accessing Open Access resources.

Can you borrow books from the library?

Access to the Library is on a 'reference only' basis so you will not be able to borrow any books.


Pupils and teachers who have visited this year have given great feedback: 

  • Pupils from a local Glasgow school couldn't wait to come back, saying "there was so much to see and do, we would need another visit!"
  • Another pupil who visited said that they enjoyed experiencing a taste of university life and how students go about their daily lives. 
  • A  visitor from a school in Ayrshire commented on the friendly and supportive staff, which made their visit even more enjoyable. 
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