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LGBT+ resources: Home


If you are looking for resources on LGBT+ topics for study, or just queer-oriented books to read for leisure, there is a wide range available. 

Wonder where to get started? 

Try our LGBT+ History Month reading list

This page is a work in progress and its lists are not comprehensive. 

We welcome your feedback! Contact us at

Reading lists

Think an item should be included here but don't see it? 

If it's on the library catalogue, email us and let us know!

If it's not, suggest it!

You may also be interested in items found on the Gender Studies Libguide.

Databases and Journals

There are a number of databases and journals which carry articles of interest.


Box of Broadcasts playlists

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is a database of free to air tv and radio broadcasts with a wide range of programmes and films.

Click on a playlist and log in with your DS username and password. First time users will need to register on BoB.

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BoB Terms and Conditions

BoB Privacy Statement

BoB can only be used within the UK.

Available to students and staff only.

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