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Sources of images licensed for use in teaching and within VLEs and Intranets.

Welcome to our guide to finding images for teaching

"One picture is worth ten thousand words" (1)

This guide has been created by the Faculty Librarians at the University of Strathclyde to help staff and students locate pictures and images which can be used in teaching and learning settings. This list is not exhaustive and we welcome suggestions for inclusion. Please email links to For guidance about using images in a research publication or a commercial setting, see our box below. 

Before using images in teaching and learning you must check the terms and conditions of the relevant site and consult the website's licence. You should be aware that some sites below may contain images using different licences. It is your responsibility to check the licence for the image(s) you wish to use. 

Images should be attributed, see our guidance below.  

1. Frederick R. Barnard (1927). Printers Ink. March 10th. Cited in A. Partington (Ed.) (1992) The Oxford Dictionary of Quotations (4th ed.) Oxford: Oxford University Press. P. 53.

Image sources designed for educational use

General image sources

Citing images

It is necessary to attribute materials which you use in your academic work which are not your own ideas. Images, tables, graphs, charts, illustrations and audio-visual material must be fully referenced. 

Guidance about citing images is often available in referencing handbooks, e.g. Chicago Manual of Style and the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA style).

Always check departmental or school guidance about citing materials. If there is no guidance available, the British Universities Film and Video Council (BUFVC) have produced general guidance about citing audio-visual materials which may be helpful. 

Using images for commercial use or in research?

If you wish to use an image in a research publication, including a thesis which will be made available in electronic format, you must ensure that the image's licence permits this type of use or that you have the correct permission from the copyright holder. Should you require assistance with this please contact the Copyright & Licensing Compliance Team, contact details below. 

If you wish to use images for a commercial purpose, you must ensure that they can be used in this way. The Copyright & Licensing Compliance Team can advise about this. 

What is Creative Commons?

More information about the different Creative Commons Licences can be found here:


Information and guidance about copyright can be found on the Copyright & Licensing Compliance webpages.

Using audio visual resources for teaching

Library staff have created a guide to using audio visual resources for teaching

Further help

For further help with finding images for use in teaching please contact: 

The University's Copyright & Licensing Compliance Team or your Faculty Librarian

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