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EndNote: Cite While you Write: Switching EndNote accounts with CWYW

Switching between EndNote Online and EndNote Desktop in Word

If you have both an EndNote Online account and EndNote Desktop installed, you can switch between them when using the Cite While You Write plug-in in Word. 

Why might you want to do this?

  • You only have either an EndNote Online OR an EndNote Desktop account so you need to ensure Word is using the correct version
  • You are using a PC in the Library (these will default to EndNote Desktop within Word) and you need to access your Online account references
  • If you have different libraries in your EndNote Online and Desktop accounts
  • You are using a device that does not have access to your Desktop account

In Word, you will see EndNote on the ribbon at the top of the screen. Here it is defaulting to EndNote Desktop (the latest version is EndNote 20)

To switch to your EndNote Online account, select Preferences and then Application

EndNote Desktop - Preferences in Word

In the Application tab, use the drop down menu to switch between EndNote (Desktop) and EndNote Online. Enter your email address and password for EndNote online and tick the box to remember your details. Select OK.

EndNote Online - Preferences in Word

You will now see that the ribbon in Word has changed from 'EndNote 20' to 'EndNote' showing that it is now set to your EndNote Online account.

EndNote Online - in Word

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