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The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
Alternate Name(s) Arden Shakespeare
Access to over 2000 playtexts, this collection includes Methuen Drama and Arden Shakespeare editions of works from a wide variety of authors. These include: Samuel Beckett, Alan Bennett, Anton Chekhov, Caryl Churchill, Mark Haddon, Katori Hall, John Osborne, Sophocles, Shakespeare and many more.

Please note that University of Strathclyde's access to this eResource will end on 31st December 2023.
Alternate Name(s) The CASE Journal, Emerging Markets Case Studies, EMCS, The Case for Women
Access to Emerald case study content - over 3,000 business case studies including The CASE Journal, Emerging Markets Case Studies (EMCS) and The Case for Women collections.
Alternate Name(s) Expert Daily Briefings; Expert Briefings from Oxford Analytica
Briefings from Oxford Analytics. Expert commentary and analysis on political, social and economic events around the world from industry leaders and academics.
Strathclyde currently has access to all content from 2015-2021.
First Folios Compared is a useful resource for scholars of Shakespeare. It allows users to explore and compare First Folio editions electronically. The collection contains 47 digitised First Folios, many digitised for the first time. Materials are drawn from 23 locations.
Knovel is an online library of full-text content from many different publishers, including reference handbooks, conference proceedings and databases. It has extensive coverage across all Engineering disciplines and Chemistry.

Knovel also provides additional tools. A substantial unit conversion tool, key interactive formulae from the major engineering and chemistry professional bodies, tables and graphs that allow users to manipulate, analyze, and export data.
Freely accessible, annotated index to The Lady's Magazine. Covers the first 48 years of the magazine's publication - 1770 to 1818. Articles in this magazine often have deliberately misleading titles, for example an article purporting to be about women’s dress might make an impassioned plea for reforms in female education, so this annotated index is a useful tool for anyone wishing to identify articles within this publication. Full text access to The Lady's Magazine is available via Hathi Trust (open access) or Historical Texts (Strathclyde staff and students).
Alternate Name(s) Physiotherapy Evidence Database
Access to resources on the topic of physiotherapy. Search here to discover over 60,000 trials, reviews and guidelines evaluating physiotherapy interventions.
Alternate Name(s) Scottish Building Contracts Committee; SBCC; Scottish Building Contracts (SBCC); SBCC Contracts; SBCConline
This service provides contractual documentation for building and construction work in Scotland. SBCC contracts are modified JCT contracts produced to be compliant with Scottish law and practice. An SBCC Education subscription allows students and staff, at educational institutions, access to view (but not complete) copies of all SBCC building contracts and guides that are available online.

Access to SBCC contracts is restricted to staff and students on relevant academic courses and is for educational use only.See 'More...' for details on how to access this resource.
Access to real life case studies written by international practitioners, academics and experts in the Tourism industry.
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