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Reading Lists @ Strathclyde (Staff): Reading List Best Practice

5 easy tips to improve your reading list

Our 5 easy tips in PDF format.

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Reviewing your reading list

We strongly urge instructors to:

Update your reading list frequently. If there are new resources to be purchased please let us know 6 weeks before your class starts. This will ensure there is ample time for the Library to purchase the necessary resources. 

Update book editions to the latest available. If there is a pedagogical reason for using an older edition, add a citation note to make this clear to students and library staff e.g. '3rd edition (2000) is the preferred edition'.   

If there are chapters or sections of books which are essential reading, use the 'Request Digitisation' feature. Subject to copyright, we will scan the chapter / section and add it to your reading list.

As your students develop their research skills in your discipline, it may be more appropriate to encourage them to find their own material. Use your Reading List as a starting point for this work by linking to a few recommended journals or databases with guidance on searching, rather than listing all relevant resources directly. 

A reading list should include the titles of ALL books you recommend to students. This will ensure the library knows about it and will have a copy in stock.

Review your student usage statistics annually using the View Lists Analysis button in the reading list software. This will provide full details on student engagement with the reading list. Reading list statistics are reset annually, usually after Resit examinations. If you remove a citation mid-year, any statistics associated with the citation will be lost.

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