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Foreign and International Legal Information: How to find legal material from non-UK jurisdictions: Sources of Foreign Law

How to find legal material from non-UK jurisdictions

Foreign law (non-UK jurisdictions)

In many countries primary sources of law may be categorised in a similar way to those of UK jurisdictions, that is to say as legislation and case law.

Legislation from other countries may be revoked or amended and judicially interpreted. In common law jurisdictions (such as the USA, Canada, or Australia) systems of precedent operate in relation to case law.

Some countries contain more than one jurisdiction – for example, in the USA individual states have their own legislatures and courts but federal laws apply across all states.

Secondary sources such as books and journals are also produced for non-UK jurisdictions, and the governments and legislatures of other countries produce their own official publications.

Online sources of foreign legal information

Individual countries

Further help researching foreign law

Sources of foreign and international legal information in libraries

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