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Literature searching: How to find and use databases: 7. Referencing

An introduction to undertaking literature searches. Planning your search, selecting search terms and constructing searches. Evaluating material you find, and recording and referencing the sources you use.

Referencing the sources you find

Make sure you correctly reference sources you use in your work.

Appropriate referencing provides authority for your work by demonstrating your work is properly researched; it also strengthens your arguments.

Correct referencing also helps you to avoid accusations of plagiarism.

Reference management software, such as EndNote, can help you with this.

Referencing guide

You can find out more information about:

  • why you should reference sources appropriately
  • what you need to include in a reference, and
  • the different referencing systems used at the University of Strathclyde

from the Referencing guide:

Reference management software (e.g. EndNote)

You may already have a method of recording and referencing that you are happy with.

However, you may wish to consider how online tools such as reference management software (bibliographic management software) can help you.

The University Library supports EndNote Online and EndNote (Desktop) packages. You can find out more about these in the following guides: