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Lexis Library: How to use Lexis Library: Lexis Library Legislation

How to access the Lexis Library database service and use it to find: case law, legislation, journal articles and more. This also includes information about how to access international materials on Lexis Library.


Lexis Library

Lexis Library Legislation Search

Lexis®Library includes in force Public General Acts and SIs which apply to England and Wales.

Some provisions of pre-devolution UK legislation which relate only to Scotland are not included.

However, amended versions of in force public acts of the Scottish Parliament and SSIs are included.

You can use the simple search box at the top of the Home page or the 'Find a Title..' option to search for legislation. However, for more search options you may prefer to use the main 'Legislation' search screen.

In the initial ‘Search’ tab, select ‘Legislation’ on the menu bar towards to go to the ‘Legislation’ search screen.

This takes you to the ‘Legislation’ search screen, where you can search by 'Title', 'Year enacted', 'Series number', 'Provision' or 'Search terms'.

Advanced search options include specifying 'Judgment date', 'Court' and 'Judges'.

Once you have retrieved results, you can use the links to various supplementary sources (e.g. Status Snapshot, Halsbury's Statutes Citator and Is it in force?) to check the status of legislation, including commencement, amendments and repeals, as well as other supplementary information about the legislation.

How to find Legislation on Lexis Library by title and provision number

e.g. Companies Act 2006 or Horse Passports Regulations 2009 (SI 2009/1611)


You can search for an Act or SI by title. Enter the title in the  ‘Title’ field and the year in the ‘Year’ field. If appropriate, tick the ‘Act’ or ‘SI’ box to limit your search to either category.

To search using other terms, enter these in the ‘Search terms’ box.

You can select or enter additional relevant information in other search fields and limit your search to 'Current Version' or 'Historical Version'  by checking the relevant boxes.

The ‘Sources’ box default setting is ‘All Subscribed Legislation Sources’. Specify other sources from the drop-down menu or by selecting ‘More Sources’. Select ‘Search’ to display results.

Tip: Use connectors to link your terms. For help using connectors, follow the ‘Search tips’ link.


On the legislation ‘Search’ screen, select the ‘Browse’ link in the left-hand column . Navigate using +/-. Select an individual provision to view it.

Search Results - Lexis Library Legislation

The results list displays records matching your query. Select the title to view full-text, then use the arrows to move between sections  or select the PDF link (if available) to view the entire piece of legislation .

Checking the status of legislation on Lexis Library


Information about commencement is given, where possible, under the ‘NOTES’ section in each provision record.

Find out more

In the 'Find out more' box to the right of the text of a provision, you can follow links to:

  • 'Status Snapshot'
  • 'Halsbury's Statutes Citator'; and
  • 'Is it in force?'

Each of these sources provides commencement information about provisions, where available.

Tip: You can search ‘Is it in force?’ (available under ‘Commentary’) separately. Search by the act’s title. Each record gives commencement information for provisions within the act.


A Legislation search retrieves in force legislation incorporating repeals and amendments (if you leave the 'Current Version' box checked in your search).

Repeals and amendments are indicated by the text appearing in square brackets.


Details of amending legislation are given, where possible, under ‘Notes’ within the provision record.

Halsbury's Statutes Citator

In the 'Find out more' box to the right of the text of a provision, you can follow links to 'Halsbury's Statutes Citator'. This source provides information about repeals and amendments, where available.

Tip: You can search ‘Halsbury’s Statutes Citator’ (available under ‘Commentary’) separately. Search by legislation title. Each record gives amendment / repeal information for provisions within the legislation.

Find out more - cases

In the 'Find out more' box to the right of the text of a provision, you can follow a link to 'Cases' (if available). This source provides information about cases citing a provision, where available.

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