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Lexis Library: How to use Lexis Library: Lexis Library Journals

How to access the Lexis Library database service and use it to find: case law, legislation, journal articles and more. This also includes information about how to access international materials on Lexis Library.


Lexis Library

Lexis Library Journals search

Lexis®Library's 'Journals' search provides access to many full-text articles from UK legal journals.

You can also search the 'Journals Index' to help locate articles in legal journals.

Non-UK journals can be searched by selecting the 'International Journals' link.

You can use the simple search box at the top of the Home page or the 'Find a Title..' option to search for journal articles. However, for more search options you may prefer to use the main 'Journals' search screen.

In the initial ‘Search’ tab’, select ‘Journals’ on the menu bar to go to the ‘Journals’ search screen. The default search is ‘Search full text journals’ which searches across UK legal journals on Lexis®Library. Other search options can be accessed from the column on the left of the search screen.

Searching for full text journal articles on Lexis Library

To search for terms in specific sections of documents: enter your terms in the appropriate box(es):

  • ‘Author’               e.g. Nicole Busby
  • ‘Article Title’        e.g. Crumbs of Comfort: Pregnancy and the Status of 'Worker' under EU Law's Free Movement Provisions
  • ‘Article Citation’   e.g. Ind Law J (2015) 44 (1): 134

(N.B. When searching by article citation, you may need to enter this in a specific form. For help with this search follow the link to 'Citation help'.)

To search using other terms, enter these in the ‘Search terms’ box. (Use connectors to link your terms. For help using connectors, follow the ‘Search tips’ link.)

You can select or enter additional relevant information in other search fields.

The ‘Sources’ box default setting is ‘All Subscribed Journals Sources’. Specify other sources from the drop-down menu or by selecting ‘More Sources’.

Select ‘Search’ to display results.

Tip: You can specify other sections of a document to find search terms using the 'Advanced search' options.

Lexis Library Journals search results

The search results list displays records matching your query.

Documents may include abstracts as well as full- text articles.

Select the article title and citation to view the document.

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