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Lexis Library: How to use Lexis Library: Lexis Library Home Page

How to access the Lexis Library database service and use it to find: case law, legislation, journal articles and more. This also includes information about how to access international materials on Lexis Library.


Lexis Library

Lexis Library Home page

You can use general search box in the upper centre of the Home to search across different types of UK content including cases, legislation, journal articles and commentary.


Select the type of material you want search from the ‘Filters’ menu.

Enter your terms in the box and select the search button .

Search results

In the list of results you can filter these by publication type or topic in the left-hand column.

You can use 'Find a Title...' to perform basic searches on Lexis®Library’s UK content.


Enter your terms in the relevant search box, e.g.:

  • ‘Legislation (title & year)’
  • ‘Case name’
  • ‘Journal article’
  • ‘Find a legal term’

Select ‘Find’.

Search results

A list of results is displayed. You can filter these by publication type or topic in the left-hand column.

You can use 'My Bookshelf'  to search or browse individual sources.
Scroll down to the source you require and select ‘Search’ or ‘Browse’.
Sources can be added to or removed from the My Bookshelf list by using the ‘Edit source list’ option.

You can use the 'Glossary' to find definitions of terms with links to relevant cases and legislation.

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