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Integrated Workflow for Publications and Datasets: Theses

This guide outlines the different stages involved in the Integrated Workflow for research publications and datasets.

Student Theses

PhD students publishing journal articles with supporting research data should follow the accompanying Integrated Workflow guidance as it relates to publications, referring to any funder requirements, and requesting a DOI for Data Access Statements in their manuscripts. 

For data that underpins the thesis itself, this is a suggested workflow to follow in parallel with thesis submission and acceptance [view timeline]. Consideration should be given at an early stage to how the supporting thesis data will be managed and preserved. Refer to the Research Data Management Policy, the LibGuide on Copyright & Your Thesis, and the section on Research Data Management in the Policy and Code of Practice for Postgraduate Research Study

  • At the point where the thesis is uploaded to SharePoint, a Pure record should be created, marked as 'entry in progress' and 'confidential'. 
  • After VDR approval and when all revisions are included, the dataset files should be uploaded to the Pure record and marked as 'entry in progress'
  • The student will be sent a DOI for the dataset to be used in a Data Access Statement added to the thesis. This precedes the final award notification, and uploading of the final version of the thesis in SharePoint and the production of the hard copy for Library deposit 
  • When the thesis record is complete in Pure it should be flagged as 'for validation' which will prompt the active DOI to be created and the Pure record validated
  • As with other datasets related to journal papers, a Knowledgebase record of the deposit will be publicly available. Access/visibility of the data will depend on the settings applied in the Pure record - ensure that any restrictions that apply to how the thesis can be accessed - for example, a moratorium or embargo - are considered alongside any related data for publications and the thesis itself. Therefore, in Pure you may wish to use the field restrictions to reflect the length of the embargo on the thesis. For publications related to the thesis (or utilising the same data) you may also wish to correlate the access restrictions. Take care that such restrictions are consistent with funder policies where they apply.
  • Follow the instructions provided in this guide with regards to the supporting metadata required with your dataset record and completing the Pure record - for example, provide a readme file with your dataset deposit to ensure longer term reusability of the data.


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